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Our Story

Hey, Beautiful ladies & Gentlemen! I’m Janeen Qadri and that handsome man next to me is my supportive, caring, and ambitious boyfriend, Tanner Rankin.

A Little Bit About Us…

After being officially diagnosed with Lupus (SLE) fall of 2015, of course in the prime time of undergrad, it affected my ability to really put the effort and concentration needed to apply to Physician Assistant programs. Then, I Googled how my life will be basically over, my hard work and dedication were wasted on a plan that can’t be fulfilled. Bone/joint/muscle pain, inflammation, fevers, exhaustion, infections, and brain fog were my main culprits. My body felt like it was shutting down and so did my mind. Throughout it all, I graduated with a BS. Fast forward to about a year later and this smart, driven, ambitious, successful man (Tanner) came into my life and showed me perseverance and self-confidence are the backbones of making dreams come true.

Our passion is to redefine autoimmune disease, sickness, and pain by using it as the source to transform anything debilitating into success. We’ve adapted our lifestyle by living healthy systemically; mentally, physically, & emotionally. 

The Products You’ll Find Here


Why Are These Products Better for YOU, a Lupus Sufferer?

You’re starting to see more Lupus Sufferers advocating on the internet how they’re able to live healthier and more of a normalized life, of course still struggling with Lupus. The difference is my and their flare-ups are not as long, not as intense (usually) and not as often. I have chosen to refuse to let Lupus control my life and future. I want to grow old at 60, not 25. I want to feel independent, hike, workout, and cancel plans less often. I want to be happy and satisfied with my life and trust that I can accomplish daily tasks and lifetime goals.

Don’t you want to feel less embarrassed of brain fog, less helpless with muscle/joint pain and weakness, migraines, kidney problems and live a fulfilling life with Lupus as a minor hindrance in life?

We strive to provide a shop that fulfills a Lupie’s needs with a lot of TLC! Products are researched and hand-picked based on how the products are synthesized, what ingredients are included, not included and what ratio is beneficial to your body! 

Product Synthesis – does it include vitamins from actual food – plant or animal-based products. Were these animals farmed or wild, were they fed with GMO ingredients? 

The ratio of Vitamin Complex Formulas – More isn’t always better. There should be a specific amount of each variation of vitamin complexes for it to help your body function optimally. 

For example, Vitamin E has 8 variations that are necessary for optimal absorption and proper use within the body. These 8 types should not be equal to each other and some should be higher than others.


The Lupus Health Shop Story


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The internet is FULL of misleading information, scams, and companies ready to take advantage of sufferers. 

Lupus Health Shop was founded and created by an SLE sufferer who was sick and tired of doctor’s providing the same treatment option for all patients when every Lupus sufferer has unique symptoms and health issues. It doesn’t make sense, right?! Let’s not forget about all of the side effects that we have to deal with to “cure” every other side effect we feel from the pill before.

It ends today, my friends. You only get one life, make it beautiful and worthwhile.

This one-stop shop provides interpreted medical studies (completed by yours truly, you’re welcome!), easy lifestyle hacks for Lupies,  and affordable, natural remedies to combat majority of SLE & Fibromyalgia symptoms. Giving you a life of freedom and remission. You’re probably skeptical at this point. But, my life is a testament and yours can be too.

Modifying your life with HANDPICKED essential vitamins, minerals, and supplements that fuel your body with no harsh side effects are what we’ve all been wishing for. 

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