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Getting diagnosed with Lupus is very scary & living with Lupus is extremely tough. Every day is challenging and you’re not alone. I started Lupus Health Shop as a Lupus sufferer who believes in natural remedies for lupus and understands what you’re going through.


Our natural lupus remedies have simple ingredients that absorb easily.  They’re hand-picked by me because I’ve personally had success with them.  I’ve done the research and am sharing what I’ve found so you can quickly & easily get the relief you deserve.


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“The functional medicine approach to decreasing Lupus symptoms is not only effective, but one of the healthiest choices you can make for a great quality of life.”

– Dr. Jennifer L. Jennings, DNP, MS, APRN, FNP-BC, Cardea Health

Fight Lupus Hair Loss

Feel Like You Again

Lupus Hair Gains – Hair Oil For Lupus Hair Loss


  • MADE IN THE USA BY A FELLOW LUPUS WARRIOR TO HELP YOU FEEL LIKE THE OLD YOU AGAIN WITH LUSCIOUS, THICKER & HEALTHIER HAIR: I know how devastating it is to pull out clumps of hair from a dry & itchy scalp, looking in the mirror and not seeing yourself.  Now I also know the intense feeling of relief when that stops.  
  • LUPUS HAIR LOSS REMEDY KNOWN TO HELP THINNING HAIR, BALD SPOTS, BREAKAGE & DRY SCALP FOR ALL HAIR TYPES:  Encourages growth 3-5 times the normal growth rate.* Made from pure ingredients known to help hair follicle restoration & hair growth.  Hair Gains protects the hair shaft, shielding it with moisture which minimizes hair breakage, helping dandruff and itchy scalp.  This process strengthens brittle hair, recovers elasticity and restores gloss back to each strand.  Works great for kinky, curly, straight & coarse hairHair gains can be applied to eyebrows and eyelashes too.
  • POWERFUL & GENTLE, MADE WITH ONLY 5 ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: 100% organic and cold-pressed castor oil, avocado oil, 100% organic rosehip oil, unrefined Jamaican black castor oil, and 100% organic grapeseed oil. Includes non-GMO ingredients and there are NO fillers, binders, preservatives, gluten, dairy, soy, or artificial colors that are known to influence Lupus symptoms.*

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